For some, dessert is the anticipated dish guests plan their dining selections around, a finishing touch to an already unforgettable meal. Wholly Cow Ice Creams and Sorbets will put your desserts over the top; they will refresh the palette, cap the dining experience and leave diners planning their next visit - check out the testimonials below for proof!

Wholly Cow Super-Premium Ice Cream, categorized as a French custard-style, contains 16% butterfat cream and egg yolks. Made through a batch freezer production process, each tub is carefully hand-packed. Throughout this process the volume of air introduced into the ice cream is precisely calculated and minimized, thus creating a low overrun margin. Most of the manufacturers in the industry maintain an 80% - 100% overrun, whereas Wholly Cow Ice Creams only have a 30-35% overrun. This is what gives the ice cream an incredibly smooth, rich and creamy texture.

The manufacturer’s dedication to the product, commitment to environmentally-safe packaging and high standards are all reasons to join our family of restaurants who already serve Charleston’s own locally-made ice cream.