Wholly Cow Ice Cream Distribution Truck "Bessie"
Wholesale Distribution

Bessie Delivering the Goods

Wholly Cow delivers its ice cream and sorbets to various restaurants, hotels and retailers in areas of South Carolina using its truck fleet, which includes Bessie.


Wholly Cow Ice Cream offers our ice cream in 2.5 gallon containers for use in restaurants, scoop shops, food trucks, hotels and resorts. Wholly Cow Retail Pints are also available wholesale for specialty stores, markets and hotels. Our trucks deliver in many parts South Carolina. Additionally, we are supplying parts of Michigan and the upper Midwest.

Interested in serving Wholly Cow Ice Cream and Sorbet in your scoop shop, restaurant, food truck, hotel; becoming a retailer or a distributor? Contact us for wholesale information and start the discussion.

Mailing Address

Wholly Cow Ice Cream
PO Box 80551 Charleston, SC 29416

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